The Different Types of Mouthwash You Can Use to Help Your Oral Health

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Did you know there are different types of mouthwash that can do different things for your oral health? Well, it’s true. This can make choosing a mouthwash confusing and even a bit overwhelming. The good news is that our dentist, Dr. Phillip White, is here to help you by telling you about the different types of mouthwash available. That way you can choose the right rinse for your oral health. The mouthwashes available include:

-Breath-freshening mouthwash: This type of mouthwash should be used for cosmetic reasons only. You should not expect it to help improve your oral health. This mouthwash typically helps you have pristine breath and whiter teeth. One important thing to remember is that almost every mouthwash can help improve your breath.

-Fluoride mouthwash: This type of mouthwash can help you prevent cavities and enamel erosion. This is because the fluoride can strengthen and nourish the tooth enamel, giving it the ability to fight the bacteria and acid in your mouth.

-Antibacterial mouthwash: This type of mouthwash can help you prevent plaque buildup and gum disease. This is because it helps eliminate the bacteria in the mouth that promote these dental issues. If you want healthy teeth and gums, this is a great option.

To learn more about mouthwash in Wichita, Kansas, please reach out to Dental Corner at 316-681-2425. Now remember: It’s important to avoid replacing your brushing and flossing routines with rinsing, and it’s also important to use a rinse that has been approved by the American Dental Association.