Having a Routine Dental Checkup Twice Each Year Is Critical for Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

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The health and integrity of your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues plays a factor in your quality of life. Preventing cavities and gum disease with a consistent daily oral hygiene regimen is an important first step.

Attending a routine dental checkup with a dentist like Dr. Phillip White is also a critical component of maintaining good oral health. Not only will the appointment clean and polish your teeth, it will also monitor your mouth for early signs of an oral health problem.

The appointment starts with a professional dental hygienist performing a thorough dental cleaning. They will use special tools and professional techniques to remove plaque buildup and hardened tartar from your teeth and gumline.

The cleaning will then be followed by a dental polishing treatment to remove any surface stains from your teeth. More significant dental stains might require professional measures.

Dr. Phillip White will then conduct a thorough examination of your mouth. If he finds any signs of gum disease, cavities, or other potential problems he will present you with the applicable treatment options or preventative measures.

The examination will then conclude with Dr. Phillip White performing an oral cancer screening. This involves a cursory examination of your mouth, neck, and tongue for signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer.

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