Basic Tips for Taking Care of a Temporary Dental Crown

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Our dentists may use a dental crown or a bridge to restore or replace a significantly compromised tooth. A crown completely covers a tooth, replacing the enamel. A bridge is an artificial tooth or several teeth that are attached to two crowns that hold it in place.  

The dentist will need to remove the enamel from your tooth to accommodate the crown and a temporary cap will be placed on the tooth while your dental work is being made. If the temporary cap is damaged or loosened, the tooth it covers may be damaged. It’s best to avoid gum and sticky foods while you have your temporary crown. Gum and sticky foods could potentially pull the temporary crown off the tooth.

You should also avoid biting down on hard or crunchy foods as this could crack the temporary crown or traumatize the tooth. Maintaining healthy gums will also help the crowns stay in place. Be sure to lightly brush the temporary crown each morning and night and floss at least once per day.   

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