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Good oral hygiene starts with you, but we are happy to keep your smile bright and healthy –here, at Dental Corner in Wichita, Kansas! We offer a wide range of dental services, including teeth whitening and thorough teeth cleaning. At each and every appointment, we’ll assess your current dental situation to give the most customized advice on how you can properly care for your teeth in between visits.

Prevent Emergencies

Not caring for your smile can lead to bigger problems than just discolored teeth. Because of this, we encourage patients to stay current with their check-ups and exams, as well as their brushing and flossing. However, we understand that sometimes a broken tooth can happen even with the closest care! Rest assured our experienced and professional staff is available for emergency situations when necessary.

Basic Dentistry

Whether you’re in with a toothache or it’s time for your scheduled cleaning, we offer a wide range of general and preventative dentistry. Thanks to our dentists having decades of experience in the industry and practicing various forms of dentistry, we’re able to provide top of the line care. In addition to caring for your teeth, we can also help prevent and detect signs of gum disease and other dental conditions.

A Great Experience

When you visit our Wichita, Kansas office, you’ll be greeted by our friendly office staff. Because our goal is to ensure a pleasant experience for our patients, you can always count on leaving our office with a bright, beautiful smile!
Call us today at 316-681-2425 to set up your appointment!

Keep Your Teeth Bright and Healthy